Two very talented residents who have found unique ways to use their artistic skills to volunteer with the Val de Vie Foundation. We are enormously grateful for their support and honoured to be able to profile them.


One rainy day while on vacation in Franschhoek in 2021, Michael Seitz and his wife Laura decided to step into a local real estate agency to escape the bad weather and see what properties were available in the area. They were introduced to Val de Vie Estate and fell in love with a home on Pearl Valley, on which they made an offer and took occupation in January 2022. Originally from Germany, the two snowbirds’ plans of commuting between Europe and South Africa quickly changed to them spending a lot more time on our beautiful Estate.

Michael’s day job is businessman and entrepreneur, but his real passion is painting. Back in Germany, he decided to paint and sell some of his pieces on behalf of an independent cancer charity. His fame quickly spread, and his artworks are now valued showpieces in homes across his country of birth. He decided to replicate the model for South Africa, but this time offered local employment by opening the MS Artist Gallery in Huguenot Square in Franschhoek (directly opposite Woolworths). Sixty percent of the sale price for each painting is guaranteed to go to one of three local charities, and the Val de Vie Foundation is proud to be a recipient. The Val de Vie Foundation funds support our marquee education programme, @Home Learning.

Michael’s work is fresh and contemporary and speaks of his love for the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley. By supporting the MS ArtistGallery, you can choose to have the funds go directly to the Val de Vie Foundation, for which we are very grateful to Michael.



Laurinda, originally from Cape Town, has lived on Val de Vie Estate for the past seven years with her partner Zian. She was a kindergarten (Early Childhood Development) teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam, before becoming a full-time artist, inspired by the playful nature of the inner child. Her work explores how early childhood experiences shape an adult’s understanding of the world.

Recently she found herself missing her creative roots – the classroom and child development. “Not sure how I could contribute and not knowing where to start, I looked at my immediate environment and connected with Lorraine Hadfield from the Val de Vie Foundation. Starting with a simple conversation, we immediately got along, and she recommended volunteering with the Foundation Phase Learners at Ronwe Primary just behind Avondale.”

Laurinda will be facilitating creativity in practice with the Grade R class. Twice a week for a few hours, the little ones at Ronwe Primary can create and explore for the sheer enjoyment of self-expression and assist them in feeling supported, encouraged and loved.

We are delighted to have Laurinda support the Val de Vie Foundation and our wonderful local farm school. The Val de Vie Foundation will provide art materials to support her programme