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The Val de Vie Foundation is registered as a Non-profit organisation (NPO). Registration number 190-112 NPO.

We are registered with SARS and have tax exemption status. See relevant documents attached.

The Val de Vie Foundation is governed by our Trust Deed and day to day activities are managed by the Management team, Advisors and Volunteers. The Trustees are drawn from Val de Vie Development company and we have two representatives from the Homeowners Association (HOA). Current Trustees, Management and Advisors are featured under the Team tab.

Martin Venter: Founder and Trustee

Val de Vie Estate and Val de Vie Foundation Founder, Martin Venter, is a successful property developer with a vision to create wealth for all. That vision has resulted in a world class, award winning wellness estate that has provided an amazing return on investment for its homeowners. Yet, his passion is to uplift and develop all who live in the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley, providing new employment on the estate and founding the Val de Vie Foundation. Martin’s company has generously provided the financial foundation to kick start the Foundation and he welcomes all homeowners and stakeholders to join him on this road to a more perfect Valley.

Nationbuilder, an organisation committed to good giving, has called the Val de Vie Foundation a trail blazing model which more and more estates should follow.

Ryk Neethling: Management

Ryk, an Olympic gold medalist and graduate of the University of Arizona, chose to return to South Africa in 2005. Despite being offered lucrative contracts abroad, he knew that he had to return to the country of his birth to contribute to its renaissance. His passion is truly to reach out and touch those who need the inspiration and wherewithal to succeed. He has found that home with the Val de Vie Foundation, where he is a very active, hands on member of the management team as well as being Marketing Director of this award-winning estate.

Simone de Wet: Managing Director

Simone proves that old adage that when you need to get something done, give it to the busiest person around! She seems to juggle hundreds of balls in the air, simultaneously running her Val de Vie Events company, her young family in conjunction with her understanding husband, and always thinking in pictures when it comes to the Foundation. She grasps every opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives, whether it is mentoring or offering the services of herself and staff at no charge to the Foundation.

She pictures a Valley where every child has a decent education, has food on the table and has a loving family to nourish their souls.

Lorraine Hadfield: Advisor

Lorraine and her husband Tim returned to South Africa in 2014, after 12 years in the USA. Their research brought them to Val de Vie Estate, which they characterise as ’their slice of Heaven’.  Lorraine held SVP and President roles in The Nielsen Company and Ipsos in New York City. She also brings extensive marketing knowledge from her time as Marketing Director of South African based organisations like Pillsbury, Enterprise Foods and Tastic Rice. She views this next stage of her life as the best chapter yet, with her greatest wish to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the disadvantaged communities in the Valley.

Morne Bosch: Trustee

Managing Director and day-to-day leader of the Val de Vie Management team, Morne has extensive experience in people management and has worked hand in glove with Martin to set up Val de Vie Estate and the Foundation. He is an enabler of people, constantly challenging the team to work together to realize this huge vision of a better life for all in the Valley. His forthright approach to always doing what is right and never give up on a dream has galvanized all on the team to dream big for the people of the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley.

Sarel Rossouw: Trustee

Financial Director and a key member of the Val de Vie Management team, Sarel is also the backbone of the Val de Vie Foundation. He provides the skillset in finance to ensure transparent and accountable reporting and corporate governance, a critical component of a flourishing Foundation. He is also a Val de Vie homeowner and a dedicated family man whose passion is to build communities and translate Martin’s vision both on the estate and in the running of the Foundation.

Leon Cronje: Homeowner Trustee

Leon has been a trustee of the HOA for the past 8 years and is now a Foundation trustee. The Cronje family have lived at Val de Vie Estate since 2009 and value the peacefulness, open spaces and security. Leon has been involved in various NGO’s in the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley for a number of years and remained a trustee of the Pioneer Foods BEE trust after retirement. He is a networker and community man, always looking to empower and guide individuals in the day to day running of the NGO’s.

“The Val de Vie Foundation has the potential to be very influential in the lives of the less fortunate communities in the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley and I am excited about the opportunity to be part of a structure and process that can really make a practical difference in the lives of the less fortunate.”

Clifford Van der Venter: Homeowner Trustee

Clifford and his wife Myrna have been proud Val de Vie Estate homeowners for 5 years.

Clifford is a trustee of Val de Vie Estate and the Val de Vie Foundation. He brings more than 30 years experience in the corporate world, of which he served as Executive Director for a number of multi-nationals including Caltex (Chevron),
Unilever and BAT. He now works as an independent Business Consultant and Executive Coach.

Apart from his broad business experience and an obvious passion for people, Clifford is deeply committed to playing a role in ensuring that the benefits of living in our beautiful Valley are enjoyed by all our people.

“We cannot ignore the fact that many of our surrounding communities are living under very challenging conditions and I believe that we have a responsibility to contribute towards realizing the vision of a better life for all.”