Huis Andrew MurrayCharmaine Viviers

Named after missionary leader Andrew Murray, Huis Andrew Murray continues the legacy of faith and humility.

Huis Andrew Murray (HAM) is a Wellington-based non-profit child and youth care centre. On its facilities, the organisation maintains twelve residences where vulnerable children and teenagers are cared for, supporting holistic development.

Charmaine Viviers, manager of the child and youth care workers, has been part of HAM since June 1999 and became a permanent employee in 2000.

Being a member of the organisation for 23 years, Charmaine said that her favourite part of it all is that there is always hope. “You see so much hurt and trauma in the children that they did not choose. Then you see people coming in and giving the children love and care; that’s the hope we hold on to.”

Children who come to HAM are frequently neglected and are thus referred by external social workers; the clients (children) are subsequently put in the custody of HAM following a judicial procedure.

HAM emphasises family reunification; however, they are mindful of how delicate the process is.

HAM’s internal social workers work with the clients, focusing on their emotional and cognitive development, while external social workers work with their parents or guardians.

Elaborating on the process of family reunification, Charmaine said, “External social workers work to better the situation on the outside. If mommy or daddy neglects the children, they are provided with services in the household, an example being finding a job so that the child can be placed back in their care.”

HAM continues to deliver its services to vulnerable children and youth by providing a stable and supportive environment for them to heal.

“Superman is one hero, and then you have all these bad guys, and the hope that we hold onto is that what’s right will always win eventually. I think that’s what keeps us going.” Charmaine concluded.