Earlier this year, Val de Vie Estate resident Linda Potgieter attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most bungee jumps in one hour – a record that had previously stood at 19 jumps.

Linda has always had a passion for high-adrenaline adventures. A difficult upbringing meant that she discovered powerful results in overcoming her mental fears in this way. Today, she lives her life by the mantra that we should do something every day that develops courage, confidence and excellence.

Linda also believes that where there is fear, there is freedom to be found. From paragliding to surfing, sky diving, hang gliding, river rafting and bungee jumping, Linda cites sky diving as one of her most frightening experiences, when her parachute failed to open on her very first solo jump. However, by going back to do five more jumps, she realised just how much mental grit and determination play a role in life. Continuing to challenge herself with extreme sports over the years transformed Linda’s mind and life, with bungee jumping becoming her favourite endeavour.

After many years of living and working overseas, Linda and her family returned to South Africa. She was excited to be geographically close again to the site of several Guinness World Records, at Face Adrenalin at Bloukrans Bridge. Linda applied to take part in the attempt for the most bungee jumps in one hour and was approved by all the organisations involved after a back injury gave her six months to train. It was then that she was approached by a local TV production company who were filming a documentary about South Africans attempting to break Guinness World Records. The filming schedule meant that she had just six weeks to get ready.

Rugby coach Eugene Eloff (also a Val de Vie Estate resident) drafted a powerful strategic programme for her and introduced Linda to on-site Biokineticist Corné Steenkamp. Linda went from night owl to 4 am wake-ups for coaching sessions with Corné, who she says played a significant role in her physical readiness for the event.

On Monday, 15 August, Linda completed 23 jumps, smashing the previous record and earning herself a Guinness World Record for the most bungee jumps in one hour! A truly incredible achievement.