NorSA Community Care

As Val de Vie Estate homeowners, we are aware of the significance of our investment in the Val de Vie Foundation, and the impact it makes.

The Val de Vie Foundation, in collaboration with NorSA Community Care and the Department of Health, joined hands with Val de Vie Estate residents to make a meaningful impact on the lives of 81 patients in the Drakenstein Valley facing drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB).

The Val de Vie Foundation started supplying NorSA Community Care with healthy vegetables from a purpose-built garden at Wellington School of Skills at the end of 2022. Through the school’s generous land contribution and in partnership with a budding entrepreneur, NorSA Community Care began receiving fresh, wholesome vegetables from this garden. With the recent opening of our beautiful Wellness Farm, NorSA Community Care now benefits from the direct supply of vegetables grown here on Val de Vie Estate, and a fully operational garden has been given back to the Wellington School of Skills.

From August 14th, Val de Vie Estate resident volunteers commenced with their weekly picking of five crates of vegetables. We are so grateful to our amazing volunteers, led by Michele de Witt and her delightful 7-year-old son Torben (our youngest volunteer), who undertake this task with unwavering commitment, regardless of the weather conditions.

“A better life for all” is not merely the mission of the Val de Vie Foundation but a testament to the remarkable impact that can be achieved when our homeowners and residents unite with a shared purpose.


Alrusca Swarts from NorSA receiving the bountiful harvest from Torben de Witt.

Without the support of the Val de Vie Development Company, generously subsidising the vegetables, our ability to quadruple the donation and arrange two deliveries per month for each patient would remain out of reach.

Many of the patients live close to Val de Vie Estate, and this joint effort will undeniably make a significant difference in nursing them back to health.


Michele and Torben De Witt, Marianne Irons, Lemon Hara and Katrina van Jaarsveld harvesting the Wellness Farm