Forty Two young female New Orleans Secondary School learners graduated from an innovative newly launched after-school programme on Saturday, October 14th, 2023

The Val de Vie Foundation is proud to have supported teacher and founder,
Mrs Meagan Paulse since the inception of GLOW – Girls Leading our World.

The program idea was conceived by Mrs Meagan Paulse at a WCED ( Western Cape Education)  leadership workshop focussing on Women in Management and Leadership positions.

Teachers Clarissa Joseph and Michelle Pietersen plus ex Val de Vie resident  Katlego Ngwane (Katika  Lawyer) form part of the GLOW team

GLOW  consist of 42 young ladies from various ethnic backgrounds. These ladies play a phenomenal role in the school community and include current and future Head Girls.

The main objective of this programme is to create a safe space for young girls, where they can just be themselves. GLOW develops young ladies in a holistic way by encouraging a positive attitude and knowing anything is possible when you take the lead in your own development.

Dream big, because dreams do come true. We are not the product of our circumstances but of the choices that we make.

The GLOW vision?  All girls to have access to lifelong learning, education and development opportunities which will in turn contribute towards improving the quality of their life. GLOW streamlines with South Africa’s National Youth Policy (NYP) (RSA,2015) aiming at producing empowered young people who are able to realise their full potential.

They need to understand their roles and responsibilities in making a meaningful contribution to the development of a non-racial, equal, democratic and prosperous South Africa.

We are immensely proud of our GLOW girls.