The New Orleans Secondary School in Paarl is renowned not only for its academic excellence but also for its achievements across rugby, cricket, tennis, hockey, and athletics. Along with its esteemed alumni shines Tamaryn Green, Miss South Africa 2018.

Committed to enriching lives for all in our Valley, the Val de Vie Foundation takes pride in its support of educator Meagan Paulse and the inception of GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). This dynamic after-school programme was brought to life by Meagan’s visionary spark, ignited during a leadership workshop hosted by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

GLOW brings together 30 young women from diverse backgrounds, guided by four capable team leaders and three dedicated teachers. At its core, this program seeks to carve out a sanctuary for these young minds, offering a secure haven where they can unwind, explore their identities, and delve into the critical issues that stir teenage hearts – including self-identity and mental well-being.

South Africa celebrates women’s month during August and pays homage to the 20 000 courageous women who, on 9 August 1956, marched at the Union Buildings against oppressive ‘pass laws’. In the footsteps of these heroic women, GLOW endeavours to ignite empowerment among young girls within the educational sphere.

The significance of self-control, self-love, self-respect and self-empowerment was palpable during an early August photoshoot, where the GLOW participants were reminded of their inner strength. GLOW adopts a holistic approach, nurturing these young ladies with positivity and emphasising the power of self-driven growth.

Meagan Paulse extends her heartfelt gratitude to the Val de Vie Foundation, acknowledging their pivotal role. Of particular note is the connection with Endurocad’s ACHIEVE program, founded by South African long-distance runner Elana Meyer, dedicated to empowering young women. Through this alliance, a dozen GLOW girls were chosen to participate, symbolising the tapestry of pride for all the GLOW participants.