Be the change you wish to see in the world.

On a crisp Autumnal morning in April, Val de Vie residents from all walks of life gathered to join a community tour hosted by Nation Builder, our Val de Vie Foundation Social Investment partners.

Our Val de Vie Foundation aims to provide a Better Life for All in the greater Cape Winelands, with a specific focus on the Drakenstein Valley.

As our impact funding platform, Nation Builder provides implementation support to our three pillars of Education, Community Needs and Nurturing Entrepreneurs. As residents, we were reminded that the Val de Vie Foundation is our Foundation, funded and supported by our homeowners.

John Wilkinson, Val de Vie Foundation trustee remarked’ how can I play a meaningful role in the Foundation if I have not gone out and engaged with the Community?”.  Friday, April 5th was such a day.

We visited three remarkable non-profit organizations that have been Val de Vie Foundation recipients since 2017.

The visit not only highlighted the tangible impacts of the foundation’s contributions but also offered a glimpse into the dedicated efforts of these organisations to uplift and transform their communities.

–  Khula Development Group contextualized its mission to combat the 40% dropout rate before Grade 12 and addressed its root causes like social and economic challenges. Their goal is to boost learners’ educational and psychosocial well-being, breaking the cycle of absenteeism and empowering students for academic and personal success.

We visited Orleansvale Primary School to view the classroom and roof over the quad, which the Val de Vie Foundation funded. Our hearts were touched by the care and love shown to these most vulnerable learners and then totally uplifted upon meeting James Frye the school gardener who has developed a school vegetable garden. Fortunately, we are able to supply him with seedlings and compost from our Val de Vie Wellness Farm which will transform the work he is doing,

  • Hope Through Action (HTA) was our next stop in Mbekweni. They use education and sport as a vehicle to provide a foundation for positive development through early intervention. The Val de Vie Foundation has provided the funds to upgrade security to the premises in Mbekweni with electrified fencing and cameras linked to a control room, and the annual funding contributes to operational costs.
  • HTA was also selected by the Val de Vie Foundation and Western Cape Government as the lead partner of the @HomeLearning. The programme supports learners, parents, and teachers by building an educational ecosystem of stakeholders that support schools in their efforts to keep learners in school and engaged in their learning.
  • The final visit of the day was to the Mosaic Community Development Centre and foster homes. Their mission is to establish a nurturing environment for the vast population of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and their dedicated caregivers throughout Africa. They empower communities and foster families. The residents did a tour of the facilities and foster homes. In cases of inadequate housing, Mosaic has constructed new homes with essential amenities, including electricity, water, sanitation, separate bedrooms for adults and children, a playground and a vegetable garden for families to use.

The Val de Vie Foundation remains dedicated to creating a better future for all, inspired by the real-world impacts witnessed during this insightful visit. The site visits not only provided a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of these NPOs but also highlighted the critical role of the Val de Vie Foundation in facilitating these projects. The site visit served as a poignant reminder of the power of community, collaboration, and compassion in driving meaningful change.

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