Social & Community Development


ACVV Paarl Valley

ACVV Paarl-Vallei is a designated child protection organisation which renders services to vulnerable children and families, the elderly and also operates a day care centre.

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Hope Through Action Foundation SA

Hope Through Action uses sport as a medium, not only to develop positive life skills but also physical ability, to assist young people in coping with difficult realities.

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Drakenstein SNAC

Drakenstein SNAC serves as an umbrella organisation that provides cohesive direction, creates linkage, facilitates information sharing, and actively advocates for community structures at local, district and provincial levels.

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House Andrew Murray

House Andrew Murray is a child and youth care centre that provides residential care to 150 children outside the children’s family environment, and offers an excellent care and development programme.

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Kin Culture

Kin Culture recruites families to provide alternative care for orphan and vulnerable children, mainly focusing on training and supporting foster parents.

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Mosaic Community Development

Mosaic Community Development provides orphan and vulnerable child (OVC) care by implementing a unique model that supports, equips and empowers existing OVC families with their physical and emotional needs.

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Mbekweni Youth Development Programme

Mbekweni Youth Development Programme is a discipleship program that aims to change people’s lives through teaching values, life skills and Bible study programmes.

Rise Up With Advocacy and Action (RUWAA)

Rise Up with Advocacy and Action (RUWAA) promotes social accountability and human rights through citizen voice and action campaigns.

Ezrah Community Training and Development

Assisting and to strengthening community-based organisations through capacity building, leadership development, training and collaboration.

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RAHAB Ministry

Rahab Ministry reaches out to women caught up in prostitution, to uplift them spiritually and supporting them practically with health and administration.

Soutkorrel Ministry

Soutkorrel Ministry provides meals, and discipleship programmes to adults and children living on farms.


Ma’s vir Wellington offers day care facilities for underpriviliged children, where they offer discipleship programmes, education and nutrition, all run by a team of community volunteers.

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Monte Christo Miqlat

Monte Christo Miqlat drives transformation by building peaceful and sustainable families through a vast number of programmes, like sports parks, playgrounds, afterschool programmes, a feeding sceme and an Early Childhood Development Centre.

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