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Hope Prison Ministry

Hope Prison Ministry offers support initiatives to inmates, correctional officers, victims and families. Their programmes focus on restorative justice, counceling, job creation, worship, discipleship and prayer walks to enable healing and reintegration.

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The Message Trust SA

The Message Trust aimsto break the cycle of poverty, unemployment, gangsterism and crime through prison outreach programmes, community transformation, enterprise development and creative ministry.

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Walking on Water Ministries

Walking on Water Ministries (WOW) transforms the lives of incarcerated people and ex-offenders in order for them to get re-integrated into their communities. Through weekly in-prison ministry sessions and aftercare camps and programmes, they successfully break the cycle of reoffending, so they get reunited with their families and become contributing citizens in society.

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Jak1:27 Help Fund is a nonprofit organisation that takes care of widows and orphans through various initiatives like camps, feeding schemes and youth programmes. They also have a special focus on disaster response, where they provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to victims.

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Good Hope Day Care

Good Hope Psychological Service is a team of professional therapists and psychologists who provides therapeutic services to community members that can’t afford it. They support individuals, families and communities to overcome trauma that could impact their emotional well-being and healthy functioning.

Ma’s vir Wellington

Ma’s vir Wellington is a nonprofit organsiation that cares, feeds and teaches 160 young children who cannot afford to be in a daycare programme or preschool. They offer discipleship programmes, education and nutrition; as well as special needs initiatives, all run by a team of community volunteers.

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