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Nation Builder is an Impact Funding Platform ensuring that social investments enable actual, sustainable change in communities. They manage and distribute funding to a number of nonprofit member organisations who implement various projects and programmes in the Cape Winelands. Nation Builder then monitors and evaluates these organisations to ensure that the impact is part of a holistic strategic intervention plan.

Hope Through Action uses sport to develop the physical abilities of young people, and to create positive life skills to enable them to cope with difficult realities. They coordinate various programmes from two community centres in Mbekweni and Franschhoek.

Khula Development Group reintegrates primary children from poor and disadvantaged communities, at risk of dropping out, back into the school system. Khula is active in 22 schools in five areas in and around Paarl and Stellenbosch, offering four main programmes to improve school attendance.

Nation Builder is an initiative of the Muthobi Foundation. It was established to help business leaders leverage their companies for good in South Africa. Specifically, it specialises in meaningful and useful resources, and mobilising companies towards action and more impactful good giving.

Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg, daughter of international business leader, the late Dr. Anton Rupert, and Ms Huberte Rupert, enjoys international acclaim for her musical career as a mezzo-soprano, Lieder recitalist and distinguished performer of oratorio under her maiden name Hanneli Rupert. She is also acknowledged for her involvement in a diversity of other notable activities.

Salt and Light Kids teaches the Gospel of Christ to Early Childhood Development and Primary School children, in a fun, memorable and interactive way. They recruit and train volunteers from the community into facilitators who visit different schools in the Cape Winelands every week,

Jak1:27 Help Fund is a nonprofit organisation that takes care of widows and orphans through various initiatives like camps, feeding schemes and youth programmes. They also have a special focus on disaster response, where they provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to victims.

Aitsa! After Care Centre offers a safe, loving and stimulating environment where children’s full potential can be developed. Their passionate workers partner with children and their parents from age 5 until they reach adulthood to ensure a sustainable journey of growth and support.

Good Hope Psychological Service is a team of professional therapists and psychologists who provides therapeutic services to community members that can’t afford it. They support individuals, families and communities to overcome trauma that could impact their emotional well-being and healthy functioning.

Ezrah Community Training and Development promotes ethical service delivery and quality education where children matter. They coordinate various programmes like capacity building, leadership and strategic development, training and collaboration.

Mosaic Community Development provides orphan and vulnerable child (OVC) care by implementing a unique model that holistically supports, equips and empowers existing OVC families with their physical and emotional needs. They also have various social enterprises that provide job opportunities and generates income to support the families.

The ACVV is one of the oldest nonprofit organisations in South Africa with 115 branches accross the country. ACVV Paarl-Vallei is one of their child protection branches which renders services to vulnerable children and families, and the elderly. The also run an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre.

The Emerald Foundations uplifts youth through the vehicle of sport. They present daily fitness classes at a gym in Mbekweni, host outreach programmes at schools in the communities of the Cape Winelands and they organise boot camps.

The Aslan Trust was found with the intention of giving back, which was the reason why we started the Impact Fund. The drive behind the fund is Redemptive Capital. Redemptive Capital makes social impact investments which creates the structure and backbone to give back to the community

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