We partner with not-for-profits who facilitate the distribution of funds in aid of education, poverty alleviation, food security, entrepreneurial support, faith-based support and social and community development.

Hope Through Action was specifically created in 2007 to bring about an imaginative and life changing initiative for young people in South Africa. We use sport as a medium, not only to develop positive life skills, but also physical ability, to assist young people in coping with difficult realities.

Mbekweni Youth Centre is a place of Hope. A sanctuary and a place of influence for the youth of Mbekweni where they can grow & develop through fun and exciting programmes and initiatives. The Mbekweni Youth Centre serves as a supportive role within the community as a pillar of hope by offering a helpful hand and leadership in order for the youth to meet their dreams and inspirations against their current odds. The centre instills the belief that anything is possible, it is a place of HOPE.

Nation Builder is an initiative of the Muthobi Foundation. It was established to help business leaders leverage their companies for good in South Africa. Specifically, it specialises in meaningful and useful resources, and mobilising companies towards action and more impactful good giving.

Khula started in 2003 and was registered as a NPO in 2004 as a humanitarian organisation supporting out-of-school children in the Paarl East area. These children fell out of the school system due to their personal circumstances with little to no hope for their future.

Valley of Abudance consists of Christian leaders from business, welfare, government and churches from the Paarl Valley (Wellington to Franschhoek) who are uniting to see our valley change into a Valley of Abundance for all by 2017. We believe this to be a model for the rest of South Africa and Africa and even a vehicle to realize the revival God promised! 200 NPO’s linked with 2000 Businesses creating 20 000 jobs and having 200 000 people in foundational groups!

We simplify the maze of charitable donations by providing a platform for Donors in the Berg River valley to ensure funds are channeled to the most needy in the valley.