HearX Foundation

The hearX Foundation uses innovative mobile technology to provide hearing and vision screenings for community members who can’t afford it. They empower community facilitators to conduct the clinically valid screenings, since the tool since it is affordable and easy-to-use.

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Amado is an animal assisted therapy centre that provides group and individual therapy to special needs childen. Through their therapeutic horse-riding programmes, they improve motor skills, mental development and self-confidence that have a lasting physical, emotional and cognitive benefit on the vulnerable childrens’ lives.

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Good Hope Day Care Centre for the Disabled

Good Hope Psychological Service is a team of professional therapists and psychologists who provides therapeutic services to community members that can’t afford it. They support individuals, families and communities to overcome trauma that could impact their emotional well-being and healthy functioning.

Good Hope Psychological Services

Offering psychological therapy and counselling to individuals and families who cannot afford private services.

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Community Keepers

Community Keepers offers free professional counseling and therapy at schools in vulenerable communities. Through their professional counseling sessions, they help children who have experienced trauma ato pro-actively deal with the psychological consequences.


We believe that only by measuring,
can we manage our overarching task to help
create a better life for all.


Facilitating Youth Development / Educational
Leadership Development
Creating Entrepreneurs / SMME’s

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