The Wonder of Christmas: Rewarding sportsmanship on and off the field at Wonderdal Edutainment Centre for Children

The Wonder of Christmas: Rewarding sportsmanship on and off the field at Wonderdal Edutainment Centre for Children

Partnering with Hope Through Action’s Mbekweni Centre , this year’s  Val de Vie Foundation  Christmas Party hosted 20  specially selected 8- 13 year olds at Wonderdal Edutainment Centre at Hazendal. Taking a holistic approach, Wonderdal combines high-tech and virtual reality games with interactive work and play areas.

The excitement built from the bus ride out of Mbekweni to the beautiful Stellenbosch, all the children enjoyed a lovely lunch, followed by over an hour of edutainment at Wonderdal and interactive reading, then meeting Father Christmas for presents of backpacks with age appropriate isiXhosa books. Who knew  that learning could be so much fun?

Wonderdal develops children’s, fine and gross motor skills, as well as problem solving, and critical and creative thinking skills. The Amuki lead the young trailblazers through an awe-inspiring journey of discovery starting at Kora’s Gate, the entrance to Wonderdal.

As they passed through the gate, they met their Amuki guide by activating their magical bracelet

A wondrous journey started…

First the magnificent Kora, the Tree of Light, which grows in the middle of Wonderdal, By playing a physical hand-cycling game, they generated motion energy.

Next stop was the Tinker Workshop.

The Workshop, sheltered by Tinker Trees, offered the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of energy and engage in tinkering activities. The Wind Tunnel then gave them the opportunity to play engineer and explore the aerodynamics of their own designs.

From the Tinker Workshop they travelled to the Wonder Garden where the children encountered a fully immersive digital landscape that provided a fantastical experience of how plants grow. They played gardener and grew different imaginary plant types.

From growing food to preparing meals in the virtual Health Kitchen, they had to cook a meal for their Amuki friend, using basic processing methods like chopping, frying and blending. The Amuki provided feedback and taught their human friends how to create a balanced meal.

The Mbekweni group then gathered in the cosy nooks of the Story Cave, taking  a break from the buzzing activity of Wonderdal. They listened to educational audio stories on the adventures of the Amuki and was welcomed to a book reading by Faye, a Val de Vie homeowner.

Beyond Wonderdal the last of the adventures awaited: The Wildlands. Here  the children stretched their legs in the innovative outdoor play area and engaged in various physical activities.

We are so grateful to Hope Through Action and Wonderdal for making this happen. Thank you too for all your assistance Faye . Truly a day of fun and learning to remember for us all.

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