Our “somebodies”


Growing the Foundation has been like planting acorns. We are starting to see the green shoots peep through as more and more residents put up their hands to give of their time.

These 4 volunteers ( from left to right) are starting a quiet revolution in the Valley.

Morag Mc Garvie

Morag  is the unsung heroine  of the Foundation . After a distinguished career as an Engineer and running her own business, she is the go to person whenever anything needs to get done. From providing a broad strategic overview to being a sounding board on governance, she also helps deliver wood to the Rusthof  Old Age Home and to bake cookies for the Foundation Christmas party. She offers a pair of willing hands – and a trusty bakkie!

Thiziri Marshall

Thiziri completed her Law degree and post graduate studies in the United Kingdom, and went on to work for some of the country’s top litigation practices.

She will be generously donating her professional time to assist our partner Valcare with their legal framework and policies, as well as delivery training and running a legal clinic for Members of Valcare.

Daleen Turner

Daleen has a  Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology, is a Human Resource Specialist across a wide range of sectors and runs her own business from home. Daleen has a heart to make a difference in the Valley and believes in sustainable empowerment in our  community .

She adds value to the VDVF with her passion for  Training & Development in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Management. She specifically donates her time and skills to Valcare and her training skills at The Clothing Bank.

Paula Ansley

Dr Paula Ansley is a relative newcomer to the Valley. She is former academic with a background in immunology and health as well as entrepreneurship and business development. Paula has used her expertise in the health sector to advise our Foundation on our health and nutritional programme.

Paula’s passion is mentoring budding township-based entrepreneurs and supporting their development. She will contribute her knowledge and experience where she can to support the continued growth of a healthy and thriving valley for all.

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