Clifford van der Venter

Clifford van der Venter

Clifford and his wife Myrna have been proud Val de Vie Estate homeowners for 5 years.

Clifford is a trustee of Val de Vie Estate and the Val de Vie Foundation. He brings more than 30 years experience in the corporate world, of which he served as Executive Director for a number of multi-nationals including Caltex (Chevron),
Unilever and BAT. He now works as an independent Business Consultant and Executive Coach.

Apart from his broad business experience and an obvious passion for people, Clifford is deeply committed to playing a role in ensuring that the benefits of living in our beautiful Valley are enjoyed by all our people.

“We cannot ignore the fact that many of our surrounding communities are living under very challenging conditions and I believe that we have a responsibility to contribute towards realizing the vision of a better life for all.”

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