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The Val de Vie Foundation Model

Since 2015, funding has been generated from 1% of all Val de Vie Estate Phase 2 development property sales, and 5% of all new Val de Vie Estate Phase 2 HOA levies. We also have a number of Val de Vie Estate Phase 1 residents who have voluntarily opted-in to an additional 5% levy. Events such as the Vodacom Shop Celebrity Golf Day and Pink Polo have also contributed.

Fund allocation has followed the directional pillars of youth and educational development and helped create new jobs. The Val de Vie Foundation primarily partners with Nation Builder, a non-profit entity which operates as an impact funding platform connecting funders, projects and beneficiaries in the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley and surrounding areas. Nation Builder works to activate and enable social change in the community in a sustainable way.

The Val de Vie Foundation’s funds are also used to support specific initiatives and to fund events such as the annual Mandela Day. The Val de Vie Foundation management team takes care of cost allocation and administration for these events and initiatives.

Audited Financial Statements

“The traditional charity funding model needs transformation. In order to be sustainable, charities need long-term annuity income streams to reinvest in local communities. The Val de Vie model is to offer market related investments to the wealthy and thereby bring the wealthy and the less privileged together in one community where the one thrives with the other. The Val de Vie Foundation model will continue to support the needy in the community and offer real employment for those equipped with the skills to support the Estate.”  – Founder, Martin Venter

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